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ill titleNovels

To One Knight's Heaven

Publisher: Medallion Press

Launch date: October 2016

A crime novel but with a hint of the mystical involving a powerful occult organization and a series of numerology murders.

Dark Seed

Publisher: Medallion Press

Launch date: October 2016

A gothic horror in H.P.Lovecraft style set in 1923.


It is 1923, and the village of Dennington Cross has been taken to a hellish realm of eternal darkness. Murderous beasts roam the cobbled streets, and Alexander Drenn must work with a handful of survivors as they take refuge in the home of Lord Hargraven, a man whose obsession with the occult has paved the way for a dark entity to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world.

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View a short teaser to see the inspiration for the book here

Gaia's Engine


A science-fiction horror with more than a hint of the supernatural. Tyler Penrose, medium and spiritual leader, is losing his faith. Hounded by sceptics and questioned by his congregation, he returns to the secret source of his inspiration - a mystical device built by his deceased father that he claimed could summon the dead. But when reports of ghost sightings increase and grisly murders follow, Tyler’s church is implicated, and he is forced to do battle not only with his own conscience, but the frightened public and the vanguard of a species intent on humanity's ruin.


The Soul Consortium

Publisher: Medallion Press

Launch date: July 1st 2012

ill_1This, my fourth novel, is a science-fiction horror set in the far distant future. Death is defeated and immortality is a reality. But mankind, frustrated by the futility of timeless existence chooses extinction - all but one man - the last man. Salem Ben is afraid to pass beyond the veil and searches through the archived souls of humanity, reliving billions of lives, hoping to discover the answer to the ultimate question - What lies beyond?

Visit the Facebook page here

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View a book trailer 1 here

View a book trailer 2 here


The Soul Continuum

Publisher: Medallion Press

Launch date: September 15th 2015


The sequel to The Soul Consortium

There is an open wound in the heart of the Cosmos. A wound that tears at the flesh of reality, drawing powerful and malign aberrations from an unknowable realm. Salem Ben stopped the first, but more are coming, and now he must solve the riddle of their purpose if he is to prevent an all-out invasion. Only by living the digitally reproduced lives of three individuals will Salem find the solution: Diabolis Evomere, a tortured but enlightened prisoner in ancient Babylon; Clifford Arkenbright, a twentieth century physicist who has uncovered a terrible secret in the quantum world, and Silicant 5, a refugee of the Great AI seeking to understand its hatred of humanity.

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View a teaser here

The Beasts of Upton Puddle

Publisher: Medallion Press

WINNER of the Fantasy category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2014

Launch date: September 1st 2013

ill_1"Young Joe Copper has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Hidden in the quiet village of Upton Puddle, a veterinary practice devoted to the care of mythological beasts has taken him on as an assistant. But with an unknown and dangerous creature lurking in the woods, and the ruthless businessman, Argoyle Redwar bent on learning all he can about the practice, Joe is soon drawn into an adventure of legendary proportions."

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Visit the website here

You can also find Mrs Merrynether Cryptofiles over at Wattpad

Read the prologue here...

View a book trailer here

Ocean Black

A fantasy story that started as a serialisation but will most likely end up as Trilogy of novels. Of all my writing efforts, this is one of my favourites, so this will definitely get resurrected in the near future - possibly some time in 2011.

Read the first part...


"Humanity is at the brink of extinction, serving as livestock for a brutal race known as the Jaegus. But when a mysterious saviour arrives with a message of hope, mankind is exposed to a far more sinister threat, for brooding at the edge of reality, forces older even than life itself lie in wait."

This is the sci-fi book (or Space Opera) I always wanted to write. Two drafts have been written, but I'm half way through the third, which has gone through some dramatic editing. This is what I'll be working on through 2010.

Read the prologue...

Jacob's Trouble

"Based on a true story - yet to come"

This was my first attempt at a novel that ended up as a 250,000 word epic. First drafted back in 1995, it was the culmination of more than five years of studying eschatology (the end times). The inspiration for this came after completing an earlier book which was an indepth study of the Biblical view, and it soon became apparent that it would make a good story, so I set to work. I have plans to one day redraft this, but until then, it shouldn't be inflicted on anyone else.


ill titleNovellas

It Started With the Orange Tree

This was a smaller project completed in 2012. I wanted to write something very different and challenge the idea that conflict is an essential element of story telling. Nothing bad happens in this book. 

The Earth is growing tired and the world we know is about to change. Dramatically. Angel Goodsun recounts the days when the miracles began, when the sky grew bright with the light of two suns and wars ceased. When death and sickness fled, when soul-splitting began, and when Nature took pity on humanity instead of revenge. In the midst of the unexplained phenomena that are systematically restoring the planet into a place of unspoilt beauty and impossible harmony, Angel begins his pilgrimage to seek out the Green Man, and learn the secrets connecting him to the miracles. As the answers unfold, Angel discovers that the truth is even more astounding than the miracles themselves, and his destiny equally profound. 

This novella is currently out for submission.


ill titleOther Works

The Revelation Sensation

For many years I have had a bunch of files sitting around in my PC - strange and fantastical tidbits gleaned from more than a decade of Biblical study into the subject of 'The End Times'. I have been procrastinating for way too long. Fussing and pawing over the details, but finally, I decided to self-publish it all.

I feel a strange sense of unease at portraying it in the way I have in this book. Don't laugh, but I went through a stage, during my Christian years, where I accepted this prophetic stuff, but now I don't, and whilst I still find the subject fascinating, I view it with a generous dollop of tongue-in-cheek. It is not my intent to offend, so if I do, my hope is to counter that by making sure that all profits from this book go straight to CancerResearchUK.

For every UK paperback I sell £2.48 will go to cancer research.
For every US paperback I sell $4.64 will go to cancer research.
(The rest of the money is just the printing and distribution costs).
Kindle takings will go to the same place too, but beware of a few formatting issues there. Strange things happen to Greek and Hebrew character sets in there!

And to add to that, I'm throwing in a free software gift too if you want it, but you'll have to check out the back of the book to find out what it is.

So please support this effort and hopefully you'll be entertained by the book itself too!

Secret Truth

I'm adding this for the sake of completeness, but to tell the truth, I'm incredibly embarrassed by it. It was my first real attempt at any kind of book and muddled together a collection of short stories, theological ramblings and art. Have no fear, it will never see the light of day! (Though if you browse in the gallery, you might find some of the art).

ill titleShort Stories

The Box - Sci-fi Horror - Originally accepted by The Absent Willow Review who no longer exist

Koma - Accepted by Withersin magazine, but they unfortunately folded before this saw the light of day

Lethal Injection - Horror - (Warning: contains offensive language).This story has not been accepted for the Machine of Death anthology, but they kindly gave me permission to make the story available on my site. Don't know what the Machine of Death is? Read about it here.

Teb - Sci-fi - Available here only

The Heart Of The Country - nature - Available here only

Mirror Ball - Read it at Colored Chalk (Warning: contains offensive language)

Footprints On The Water - A children's story originally accepted at Spaceports & Spidersilk and a connecting story to the Pyronesian Chronicles

Amiko - Published in the Vampire anthology "Etrnal Night "

Crimson Lakes - Another vamp story. This one achieved feature story over at Dark Fire

The Toad As My Witness - Read it at Colored Chalk. The theme of the magazine in issue 10 is the 10 Commandments and this odd short of mine deals with the commandment about lying

The Bramble Man - A horror story written for Rotten Leaves magazine (no longer around) about a guy who has trouble with a fesh-eating plant.

Kibble & Sparks - A bizarre story written for the Sideshow Fables mag

Star God - A tale of superheroes written for This Mutant Life. It was an issue 3.

Careful What You Wish For (written in April 2010) - Out for submission

The Possession of Adrian Sloke (written in May 2010)

The Draftsman's Descent - Written in the style of M.R.james, this story follows a man's descent into madness after a meeting with a disturbing stranger.

Project Asmodeus - is a sci-fi story in contained in exactly 1000 words written for In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words

I Am - a small spin-off story related to The Soul Consortium sci-fi related to transhumanism. You can find the short published in Conjectural Figments


ill titleMy Testimony


Back in 2003 I had a radical life change. I walked away from the world of Fundamental Christianity and decided I was an Atheist. During my twelve years as a born-again Christian I experienced some amazing things, but if you want to know why I changed my mind about it all, read about it here.


ill titleSpirituality

Essays from my happy-clappy days. Here you will find essays on Free Will, Theodicy, The Character of God, Sin, Faith, The Bible and plenty of other things written during my days of evangelical insanity.

Until I've tided the pages up, you can view it all here.


ill titleOther Projects

Atlantis Lost

Atlantis Lost was planned to be a musical story following the days after the legendary collapse of Atlantis. Adam James Wakeling was to be providing the music. It may be a while before this one gets scheduled.



At the end of 2012 I had an idea to write a novel in which all the followers of my Facebook author page would be a character in the story. This will be an on-line effort, released in small chunks and written jointly with my wife. Should be fun! The theme will be based on the top votes of the page followers.