Here you’ll find all the sites that I’ve found and remembered over the years that have been important to me as an author. The list will grow as the days go by, but these first few are probably the sites I visit the most.

My Home Page – Writing isn’t my only passtime.

Write Club News – Write Club is where things really kicked off for me. They’re a fantastic and dedicated group of writers. You can find out what we’re all up to by checking this page out.

Medallion Press – Go there! It’s all happening.

SFF Chronicles – An excellent online community that has some great resources and friendly people. It’s a great place to get some advice and informal critiquing on your work.

Duotrope – If you have some short stories to submit, this is the place to go.

Grammar Girl – She knows all there is to know about… uh, grammar.

The Odyssey Workshop – Some great audio tutorials on writing to download from this site.

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook online – The best known resource for locating an agent or publisher for your novel. – Not just a dictionary, it’s a thesaurus, encyclopedia and translator too.