If you’re a budding writer with aspirations to get a novel published, or just interested in how a novel gets written, my hope is that The Write Place will be of interest to you.

There’s already a multitude of sites out there, all with excellent advice (you’ll find some in my links page), but so far in my googling, I haven’t discovered anywhere that actively follows the entire process of creating a novel as it progresses from concept, right the way through to publication. And that’s what this site is all about.

My credentials? Well, I only really have one that might be worth something – I’m not a journalist or a professor in English, and I’m not a literary agent or ‘zine editor – but somehow, I managed to land myself a publishing deal for my latest novel. Like all the other writers out there, I’m still learning, but I must have done something right, eh? And that’s where this place comes in: I want to share that process with you.

I’ll try to post regular features in the Write Help section, maybe even see if I can snatch some hints and tips from a few other authors too, but the main focus of this site will be to share with you the ups and downs of the journey as my new project takes shape.

Obviously there will be things I can’t reveal. I won’t be sharing spoilers, and I won’t be sharing any confidential details that might (if I’m fortunate enough to be accepted) result from manuscript submissions, but I will walk you through the nuts-and-bolts of the machine as the cogs of “Gaia’s Engine” comes together.

Enjoy! And feel free to drop me a line if you want to ask me anything, too.

To see where I’m at, just hit the Home link.

Cheers, Simon WB