One step closer…

It’s done! Last week Medallion sent me their edited version of The Soul Consortium for me to correct and tweak, and after a few days of diving headlong into it I got through the other side in one piece.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve heard stories about authors getting broken-hearted about some of the parts they have to cut from their novels, but, I’m very pleased to say, that wasn’t the case here. That’s not say it didn’t need a fair amount of work – with the suggestions and errors highlighted in red, it looked like someone had taken a big mouthful of tomato soup and then been slapped in the back of the head with a large plank! But that’s to be expected. Even after countless times of staring at the words, and then having other people stare at those words, it’s still difficult to catch all the errors that creep in.

Writing is a never-ending learning curve, and I learned some good lessons from these edits. For example, I managed to develop a habit of repeatedly slipping character names into the dialogue. It’s not what we naturally do when we talk to people, but for some reason, I found it necessary to do it almost all the time. It’s an easy fix though, just a lot of deleting!

The next step will be seeing the book formatted and ready for printing. I’ll keep you all posted with what happens next…

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