Fairy Tales

It’s been an abnormal week for me this week. I’ve been crawling around on my hands and knees with a terrible case of the man-flu. Off sick from work for most of the week and unable to apply my befogged brain to anything constructive, I chose to let my DVD collection and books inspire me afresh. Reading traditional fairy tales and watching the Hellraiser movies again is an odd combination, but entertaining nonetheless. So the Hellraiser movies are a bit dated now when you look at the SFX but I’m still awed by Clive Barker’s imagination. And the fairy tales are interesting too. As my latest novel is of a similar ilk, it was useful to draw from them. Amongst the tales were Jack the Giant Killer, Robin Hood and the golden arrow, King Arthur and the hideous hag, and a bunch of others which were new to me. What struck me was the simplicity of the stories. They were completely predictable yet still entertaining because of their simple charm, mythological tone and sense of innocence. I guess that’s the sort of flavour I need to aim for in mine too.

I have a few other projects still peeping over the horizon, one of which is a sort of resurrection from something I started with a work colleague. I caught up with Adam Wakeling last week who is as immersed as ever in creating new and inspiring music (look him up on iTunes – a varied artist with a lot of talent), and a while back he took one of my early short stories (Koma) and put music to it. He’s told me he’d like to complete that, so hopefully, fingers crossed, this will emerge in the near future.

Anyways, enough about me – since I’ve made a pledge to post here more often (I only skipped last week because I was ill – let me off!), I want to use it as a platform to highlight some publications from other writers I’m acquainted with. I found out the other day that my friend Craig Wallwork has had his story included in the first edition of Dark River. He’s an excellent writer, so if you have the stomach for horror, please go check it out.

Bye for now.


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