Could this be the creepiest ever music vid?

Despite the lure of StarCraft 2, cigars and Christmas guzzling (yes, I started early), I’ve still been plugging away at Gaia’s Engine. I’m almost 60,000 words in (two thirds complete). It’s around about this stage that I’m feeling the pull to look a little more closely at my early chapters though, which will slow my progress. Because the first few chapters will posted at WriteClub for review soon, I need to slip some more stuff in at an earlier stage of the draft, tidy things up and change some details.

One of the details I’m changing is the descriptions of the ghosts. I wanted to push a really creepy look for my apparitions, and as I strolled around my back garden puffing away at a miniature cigar (this is where I get my inspiration much of the time), it hit me. Many moons back I remember watching a music video while jogging away on the treadmill at the gym. It gave me the right willies (not the treadmill, the video), but those images always stuck with me (particularly 38 seconds in – spooky!) Check out those weird faces and you’ll see the look I’m aiming for. Maybe not so exaggerated, but you’ll catch my drift. What vid am I talking about?

Remember Sound Garden? Black hole sun?

Creep factor 10 – go watch it. It’s weird. Enjoy.

Black Hole Sun

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