WC2011 begins

In a previous post I mentioned that the place I needed to be to get my work critiqued is WriteClub, and I made a start with that earlier in the year, but eventually held back so that I could get a head start before getting fresh perspectives on the novel in 2011. Well, 2011 isn’t quite here yet, but WC2011 is. The doors have closed to the public and all the novelists are in, accounted for and wringing their hands with excitement to get started. And get started they have.

Each author gets placed in a list and they have to critique the two authors above and below them. Well, not the authors – their novels. The groups have now been assigned, so I now know who my four are, but I don’t yet know what to expect. Two of them are new to WC, but already, I’m starting to see these are both talented peeps, so the feedback, I’m sure, will be top notch and very useful. So far that seems to be right. I’ve already posted an updated prologue and within a day I got some very useful feedback. The other two, I know already, and again, I’m looking forward to some pucker commenting – they’ve already helped me a great deal.

As for my progress, this may well slow down over the next few days – I have a day job (I wish it was writing!) and that day job has me back in student mode. I’m learning about database coding (no, don’t roll your eyes, I’m sad enough to find it interesting, okay? Oh, all right, I suppose that does deserve an eye roll), so my head is getting packed solid with numbers for the next week. And me brain can’t be doin’ wiv numbers and letters all the same time. No biggy though, I’m more than 50,000 words in and still hoping for an early March completion of the first draft.

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