Started Chapter 2 today…

Had some feedback from someone else at Write Club (Stuart) and he tends to agree with Gayle’s comments, so that was further confirmation I needed to make some changes. I’ve done that, but it’s not been easy. Anyway, I’m getting badly hung up on the first chapter, so I need to move on.
I think I’ve got a bunch of problems with it, but I’m hoping that, when the rest of the novel starts to smooth out, the fixes for this chapter will come naturally.

The biggest problem at the moment is that it’s too long. I’ve been looking to cut stuff, but each section seems necessary at the moment. I’ve added my own notes/commentary to this chapter this time, a trend I might continue. I did it because I wanted to write justifications for each of the sections, and I think it helpded me think quite hard about whether I need to keep them.

With chapter 1 out of the way now, I’m a 1000 words into Chapter 2.

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