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First review, and new opportunities for The Soul Consortium

It’s been an active week – lots going on. Things are still ramping up towards the launch of The Soul Consortium and I have a mountain of things I need to get done. But whilst things are getting busier, they’re getting exciting too…

I got the pdf version of the novel back from my editor this week and I’m loving the look of it; there’s a nice sphere theme going on in the page template which marries nicely with the central character’s setting. Over the next couple of days whilst Medallion are proof reading this final version, I also have to do the same. And when that’s done I believe the next step is the print run. Various reviewers will be reading ‘advance review copies’ before the main release, so I’ll be looking forward to what they have to say.

You might be interested to know that there has already been a review of the book over at You’ll find an overview of the story and a few lines about their overall impression there.

But that’s not all I found out this week. I’ve had word from the foreign rights consultant that a German publisher has requested the book too! Naturally I’m very excited about that, but know very little about it at the moment. I have more to tell, but need to get cracking with the proof reading today. I’ll keep you all posted.

It’s about time…

For a minute, I thought I was about to write some sort of clever blog entry about the mysteries of time travel, but no, I’m not. At least, I don’t think I am. I haven’t come back from the future yet to tell me what to put in this entry anyway. No, I just popped by to say I have an opportunity to get some writing done this week. I won’t be able to work on my non-writing project for a few days, so that gives me some space to do what I like best… write!

Must go… the wife and the dog have returned!