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Still plugging away

I spent the last week scrutinizing the various chapters of my draft for errors, plotholes and various other niggles, but I’m still editing away. I have decided to integrate my “Covenant of Gaia” Scriptures into Tyler’s prayer journal. It’ll make the novel slightly bigger, but I think the different voices will add another layer of richness to it. Plus it makes more sense of his thoughts on paper.

So I’m busy finishing that off at the moment. I spent this morning perfecting the back story and completing the historical timeline so that I can have a clear picture of what needs to go in my fake Scriptures. Once that’s done (I anticipate another week), I’ll have a completed draft. I’ll still have some feedback coming in from my WriteClub critiquers, but the novel is looking in much better shape now and I think that in a couple of weeks I’ll be in a position to print up a private copy to give it one more look over. That’s when a few select friends will get to read it so that I can hear some more overall opinions, and whilst that’s going on, I’ll be submitting the first three chapters and the synopsis for submission to Medallion Press. So, nearly there.