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First draft is complete!

Hurrah! It took me a couple of weeks longer than planned, but the first draft is now complete. I originally planned for 90,000 words, but I’ve ended up with a little over 101,000 (which is why it took me a bit longer). The work isn’t finished yet though. All I’ve done is moved from one phase of writing a novel to the next. I’ve done the fun bit, now I have the hard work to do. This is where I have to take a good hard look at what I’ve written, cut out all the crap bits, make the good bits even better, make sure I’ve kept the characters consistent, filled in all the plot holes, squished the typos, booted out all the bad habits, stuck a broom up my backside and swept out the garage. Yes, this is the hard bit – the editing. I’ll be blogging that process as well, but essentially, that’s what I have to start doing from now…

Anyways, to celebrate the fact that the longest bit is done and I have a workable story – I’m posting 10 youtube clips you might enjoy. They all have some sort of vague link to the novel ranging from hilarious to downright creepy. There’s at least one many have seen before, but it’s worth posting anyway (you’ll know it when you see it). So… be entertained.

1) I remember watching this on TV and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s cruel, I know, but the guy with the glasses – the look on his face is priceless.

The Grim Reaper – Just for Laughs

2) If you’ve ever watched Most Haunted, you might find this one amusing. Derek had this one coming…

Derek is possessed by… well, you\’ll see

3) The pepper’s ghost effect. This is an amazing, and very easy trick to pull off. Take a look at the first clip to see just how incredible and real it looks (there’s no cgi or camera trickery), then look at the second clip which is a tutorial using a scaled down version to explain how it’s done.

The Ghost at the piano

How it\’s done

4) This’ll scare the cheeses out of you (if you haven’t seen it already)

Ghost caught on film

5) And the link from that one’s pretty good too. Quite creepy.

Creepy girl in mirror

6) Great tune…

Ghosts N Stuff

7) The art of Zdzislaw Beksinski. Inspiring but dead creepy.

The art of Zdzislaw Beksinski

8) This tells you a bit about “cold reading”. It’s a conversation between Derren brown and Richard Dawkins.

Cold Reading

9) A scientific look at the soul – does it really exist?

Do we have a soul?

10) Oooooo – salad fingers is so disturbing!

Salad Fingers