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What time is it?

Getting closer to the end of the draft now, but I still have at least 30,000 words to go which takes me to some time in March for completion.

I’ve come to a temporary halt in the writing for the moment, though, because I need to sort out the timeline. Every so often there’s a reference to what day it is or what one of the characters will be doing at the weekend or how long it might take for someone to get something done. Up until now I haven’t given that much serious thought; the important thing was to press on with the draft, but now, as things start knitting together, I have to be sure the timings are right. That means I’ve had to pick one of the important events in the story’s timeline and and work out exactly what date everything else happens, so that there aren’t any problems with continuity. So far, I’ve found out that a fairly significant chunk of things happen on firework night! Could be interesting and (unless I decide to change it) to work all the bon fires and fireworks into the narrative.

But I’ve also slowed down writing these last few days because I’ve been on a course at work (all this VB database stuff is turning my brains into cottage cheese), so a lot of my creative energy us sapped at the moment. Oh, and now the firs few bits of the draft have been posted up at Write Club (a private writers’ workshop) the critiques have started coming in. Favourable and very useful so far and issues have been raised that are worth sharing on here too.

More on that in a few days.