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Half way there…

I just sneaked over the 45,000 word mark today, so the first draft is half complete.

On another issue, if you posted something up here and it got deleted, or you registered and now can’t get in, please let me know. I was getting a huge amount of spam and so ended up deleting a tonne of stuff. If your comment was in there, I’m sorry! It’s all fixed now though, anyone posting just needs to enter that little validation sum so that the site know you’re a genuine poster and not one of those nasty little cyberbots creeping around the net.

The diary of Tyler Penrose

There’s been another new development on the format of the novel in the last couple of weeks.

It ocurred to me as I was starting to write a perticularly poignant scene for the hero, that for the side of the story involving his fall from faith, I need to draw the reader much closer to him. Usually I’d do this by using first-person perspective, but it didn’t feel right to write the whole novel in that style. The solution came like a blindingly obvious flash of lightning – show exerts from Tyler’s prayer diary as the story progresses. This will enable me to show, in great detail, how a person can move from a seemingly unshakable faith to atheism.

The first three entries are done, and it was surprisingly easy to write (probably because I’m drawing heavily from personal experience).

Each entry will take on a specific format based on the way many Christians organise their prayer times. First, Tyler will write down notable experiences of his day (this will help to summarise parts of the plot I want the reader to take note of). Secondly, he’ll list all the things he wants to pray about. Thirdly, there will be a Scripture reading (this will be an exert from the Covenant of Gaia that I’ve been writing too). And lastly he’ll write down everything he thinks God has told him as he prayed.

Everything’s going very well at the moment and I’m really enjoying the process. I have a suspicion the book might end up a little larger than the 90,000 word count I’ve been aiming for though. We’ll see.

Q & A with … me!

Another interview for you to take a look at, this time with yours truly. I was approached by Craig Wallwork a while back (a talented writer with a penchant for oddness like myself) to see if I’d like to be interviewed, and, flattered, I of course said yes. You can have read of it here if you like. There are one or two tips on writing and some more insight into the inspiration for Gaia’s Engine.