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13-Oct-2014 The Revelation Sensation available for purchase

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ill_1Simon West-Bulford lives in Essex, England. He has worked in the PC gaming industry writing tutorials and designing levels for PC Gamer, DS 9: The Fallen and Rune.

These days Simon likes to spend his free time writing, and is currently working on his tenth novel, a book titled To One Knight's Heaven. His debut novel The Soul Consortium was released on July 1st 2012. His short stories have found homes in Colored Chalk, Spaceports and SpidersilkThe Absent Willow Review, Colored Chalk and Thuderdome



Favourite Music: The Prodigy, Jean Michel Jarre, NIN

Favourite Books: Hyperion (Dan Simmons), Stinger (Robert R. McCammon), Weaveworld (Clive Barker)

Pet hates: Mobile phones, bus lanes, cold callers and spam (the electronic and the meaty variety)

Other favourite things : Running, Lexulous, Doodling, Inviting in Jehovah's Witnesses and arguing with them, VB coding, Daleks, His wife and her amazing cakes.

Afraid of: What his pet dog Ash might have destroyed while he's been out at work all day, Lettuce and Shark eyes (Yes, in that order).

Religious Beliefs: Read his story in the Writing section.