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13-Oct-2014 The Revelation Sensation available for purchase

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In addition to the links on the right, here are various other sites I browse through from time to time.


ill titlePublishers

Medallion Press

BlueSkirt Productions

Dark House Press


ill titleZines

Colored Chalk, The Absent Willow Review, Spaceports & SPidersilk, This Mutant LifeManarchy


ill titleWriting Resource

Duotrope - Excellent searchable database resource for writers hoping to get published

Chronicles Network - Here you can discuss Sci-fi & fantasy and if you're a budding writer, get some great critiquing on your work too.

Story Pilot - Good for locating publishers of short stories

Lulu - Great for self publishing.

ill titleArt

Encaustic Art - Painting with wax and an iron!

Human Descent - Fantastic Weirdness

ill titleSpirituality

The Secular Web - Internet Infidels Discussion Board - A great place for healthy debate on all things spiritual

The Jesus Puzzle - Earl Doherty's website - The thesis that Jesus was not a historical person.

James Randi - The James Randi Education Foundation - Debunking spiritual frauds.

The Skeptics Dictionary - A no nonsence site providing definitions and explanations  for all things paranormal .
 A Christian Thinktank - A site containing apologetics and indepth Theological/Philosophical discussion

Jack Van Impe Ministries. (Eschatology) - And yes, people actually believe this stuff!

Creation Science - The Creationist resource.

ill titleOther Stuff

Destrier Music - The homepage of Adam James Wakeling