Thursday 27th May 2004

It seems that the maps I built for UT2k3 work nicely with UT2k4 with the slight difference that all moving brushes seem to be blacked out! I've therefore rebuilt 3 of my maps (DM-DrWho, DM-Osiris and DM-Sentinel) so that this is corrected. The maps are otherwise exactly the same.
DM Shrouded relic didn't have any moving brushes and so didn't need to be upgraded. The UT2k3 version should work just fine.

Monday 19th May 2003

My latest creation is a tribute to DrWho! So, if you get a kick out of watching daleks slide around yelling "exterminate" download DM-DrWho. (2,511Kb)

Thursday 23rd April 2003

Seems I'm back into the swing of things for the moment. I've just completed another DM map for UT2K3, so if you like the look of the screenshot below, download DM-ShroudedRelic. (1,126Kb)

Saturday 12th April 2003

First of all I have to make an apology to a few people. I still get plenty of e-mails with questions regarding level design. If you haven't had an answer there are two good reasons for that. Firstly, I had a virus on one of my PCs and I had to erase everything, secondly I've been in and out of hospital receiving treatment for kidney stones (ouch!). If you haven't had a reply from me, try dropping me a line again.

Now on to some more news... After more than a year without designing any maps (my last was a single player map for Rune), I'm releasing two new maps for UnrealTournament 2003:

The first is DM-Osiris which I've dedicated to a place called Cyberscene and is loosely based on an Egyptian theme. Cyberscene is a place I've been waiting for for ages as it is geared for people like me who love gaming.

The second map, DM-Sentinel, is much larger (and better I think than Osiris). Its inspired partly by Phobos so it has a low gravity exterior and some tight interior sections with normal gravity.

Here are some screenies...

DM Osiris:

DM Sentinel

Download DM Osiris (912Kb)
Download DM Sentinel (1,289 Kb)

Hope you have fun.

Friday 23rd November 2001

My hosts have told me that there is a lot of downloading happening at my site and that until they get the go ahead from me they've halted the traffic. I've just told them to start things back up again, so if you've been getting an error message when trying to download stuff that's the reason. Try again later or in a day or so and you should be OK.

Thursday 22nd November 2001

I've finally got everything uploaded to my new domain at last! Over the next couple of weeks I'll have plenty of new stuff to add.

Aside from that, I happened to notice somewhere that there are people out there that would appreciate being able to receive Legacy on a CD rather than have to take time downloading 39 meg worth of files! I thought it would be a good idea to do put Legacy and all of my other maps and tutorials onto a CD as well. If you're interested, drop me a line. I haven't decided if I should charge anything for it yet (aside from the cost of the CD and postage that is), but if I do it won't be very much. I'll see what sort of response I get anyway.

Friday 3rd August 2001

Where have I been? Well, moving and getting stuck without an internet connection mainly. Anyhow. I haven't been completely lazy!
I made a new 5 level single player map pack for Rune called Nidavellir, its been very well received so far, so download it from my Rune site if you'd like to give it a try.

If you're finding it a bit too challenging you can always take a look at the walkthrough page right here.

Updated 8th June 2001

After over 2 months off line I'm back on line at last! Just so I can get back into things again, I'm releasing DM-Abominos. You can get that here.

Updated 24th March 2001

We're moving to a new home on Wednesday and I won't have a cable-modem with NTL any more. Instead I'm moving to BT, so anyone trying to mail me will have to mail me on this mail address until I'm up and running again which should be in just over 2 weeks. Apologies if I you have to wait for my reply!

Updated 9th February 2001

 DM-Raldor for Rune is now released, you can download it at my Rune web site.

Updated 7th February 2001

Legacy is still on target for release on 16th February. We've spotted one or two things that needed to be fixed so everything is still looking good.

For those of you who have taken a liking to Rune, you might like to know that I've made a new site for it. I've started making Rune maps too, so check it out here at EZkeel's Rune Arena.

Updated 29th January 2001

OK, so I haven't updated in a while, but at least I have some news for you now. :)
For those of  you who are interested in my Level design work, I have a few things to tell you about:

1) The project that I've had a team working on for the last couple of year has now been completed and once the beta testers have finished with it Legacy, will be released on Friday 16th February.

2) I've taken quite a liking to a game called Rune by Human Head software which uses the Unreal engine. I've been steadily working on some maps for it, two of which have been sent in to their competition, and another which will be released soon. I'll let you know when its avaliable.

Updated 24th November 2000

Its been an exciting day today! Ruth (my wife) was told that her best friend had her baby today, so congratulations are in order to Deb & Gary. :-)

Second, I had to rush out and buy a new PC Game today - DS9: The Fallen. Why? Well, first because I've been looking forward to playing it but also becuase I had my hand in some of the level design. It was a real proud moment for me to look in the little instruction booklet and see my name in the credits. :-D
So, there we are! Go out and buy it!

Updated 23rd November 2000

DM-Dunamis got level of the week at UT-Booty! Woohoo!
After some encouraging feedback I've decided to update it further and have far more bot activity in the Temple area.
DownloadDM-Dunamis][ for the latest version.

Updated 19th November 2000

I want to say "Thanks" to all of you who have wrote to me with feedback on my level design tutorials, I'm glad that they're useful. :-)
I've had quite a few requests for various things, all of which I hope to get around to when I find the time. One thing I have been able to do though (as its very simple) is to provide you all with a link to a zip file containing all the tutorials and their associated files. For those of you that want that rather than having to stay on line to read them. Get that here.

Secondly, there seems to have been some confusion where Legacy is concerned.
I'd like to remind everyone that Legacy is still a deCyber project. The only reason that the Legacy page is hosted by me at the moment is because, I felt I had to keep everyone updated with what was happening despite the fact that I no longer have access to the deCyber server. I hope that clears things up for people. :-)

Updated 15th November 2000

Almost all my design page is near completion now. The Legacy link will now take you to the new site designed by ESAD.

I've also completed a new map which I'm releasing as two different versions (Deathmatch and Assault).
Check out DM-Dunamis and AS-Dunamis right here.

Updated 26th August 2000

I've not finished updating the Design section of my site yet. But take a browse through the pages in the menu on the right and take a look around. I'll be updating again shortly.

DM-Necrophobia and AS-Deception have now been added to my Downloads page.